Parenting is the most humbling work I have done.

My husband and I married in 1998 and have two children, now 20 and 17.

I love spending time with my family enjoying many of the outdoor adventures this area has to offer. I remain humble as a parent and feel it is the most important yet challenging work I have done. Living life to the fullest is not always easy. I have often said working in this field keeps me mindful of the personal work I need to do on an ongoing basis. 

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I have specialized skills in the areas of Attachment, working with parents, Family Therapy, Infant Mental Health, and assessment and treatment of all forms of Anxiety.

I am a Provincial Trainer of the EASE Anxiety Program. I've been a volunteer La Leche League Leader for over 12 years now which is a non profit organisation that supports breastfeeding.

Ten years ago (2005), a new "Clinical" designation for MSW's became available upon securing a liscence. I was one of the first to obtain this liscensure as a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RSCW). Like psychiatrists and psychologists, registered clinical social workers can also provide a legally recognised diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V). Having this desgination means that clients are GST exempt and Revenue Canada will reimburse the costs of clinical services as a medical expense on tax returns. 

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